Why are pizza ovens so good at grilling?

When you use a Tuscan Grill in a pizza oven, you have the best grilling experience in the world. Tuscan grilling combines hot, real wood coals under the grill with the reflected heat from to oven dome. Your food cooks on the top and bottom at the same time, searing meats and fish on the outside, while they stay juicy and tender on the inside. Also, because you have control over the size of the fire and the coal bed, grilling in a pizza oven gives the chef an unmatched range of cooking effects.

Cooking options include:

- Combining a live fire to bound heat off the oven dome, along with retained heat from the cooking floor

- Using wood coals underneath a Tuscan Grill in combination with a live fired

- Using wood coals along with the heat retained on the oven dome.

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